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Village of Suamico board adopts updated trail, pedestrian and bicycle plan

Posted at 10:31 PM, Dec 06, 2022

SUAMICO — Laura Grovogel is an avid cyclist and trailgoer. She's also the co-owner of Suamico Bike Company, with her business partner Matt.

For Grovogel, she's always looking for ways to get out on the trails and encourage others in Suamico to join.

"Biking is awesome," Grovogel said. "Biking can truly be for anyone."

That's why she was excited when she found out about the updated 2023-2027 trail, pedestrian and bicycle plan that was adopted by the Village of Suamico on Monday.

According to the plan, the population of Suamico has doubled since 1990, increasing the interest for outdoor trails in the area.

The vision of the plan is to "develop a walking and biking culture that enables people of all ages and physical abilities to travel throughout the community safely and conveniently."

"Not only does it encourage families to move into the area, but there is some research done that connects a bicycle-friendly community to a wealthy community where businesses want to be, so there is more money in the community, more places for people to work, more places for people to spend their time outside of work and the home," Grovogel said.

She added that residents could see physical, mental and social health benefits as well by having more opportunities for safe outdoor recreation.

However, Village of Suamico Recreation Director Nicholas Lemke said that though the updated plan for future development was adopted, it doesn't mean the village has to implement the plan. As of now, he said they have no plans in the works for trail development.

Lemke said adopting the plan is still important and can be a step toward the future for trail development in the coming years, but implementing the plan will depend on funding.

For now, Grovogel said Suamico Bike Company will continue to support the plan and is hopeful for more bike-friendly routes in the future.

"The Village of Suamico has a lot of amazing opportunities and infrastructure for cycling," Grovogel said. "However, that doesn't mean that there isn't opportunity for expanding those opportunities and making them safer and more accessible."

Details on the plan can be found here.