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Table talk: A chat at Chives Restaurant, a longtime favorite of Aaron Rodgers

Posted at 10:34 PM, Mar 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-17 11:27:45-04

SUAMICO (NBC 26) — Lambeau Field isn't the only place Aaron Rodgers makes a regular appearance at.

"He pretty much comes to eat here every Friday night," Logan Higgins, the owner of Chives Restaurant, said.

Chives, located in Suamico, is a longtime favorite restaurant in the community and especially of Aaron Rodgers.

Higgins said Rodgers would usually come in with the "Friday Night Crew," which includes Packers players Randall Cobb and David Bakhtiari, and he frequently ordered the same meal.

"He's a steak and potatoes guy, so he'll get a couple different steaks, but he always gets papas bravas, which is his favorite potato," Higgins said. "It's just a roasted hash potato with a bravas sauce, which is like a Spanish sauce."

Higgins said Rodgers started eating at his restaurant regularly after they catered food at his house for the team on Wednesday nights.

That's when Rodgers became loyal to Chives and a close friend to Higgins.

"I've known Aaron since he was a rookie," Higgins said. "I've got to see him grow over the years. He's got to see me grow. We play golf together."

Rodgers' relationship with the entire Chives staff has also grown, as he knows each of them by name.

Higgins said despite Rodgers' fame, he wanted to be treated like an ordinary customer and was always "kind" when he came in.

He added that there's a rumor that Rodgers has a "special table" in the back of the restaurant, but it's false. However, what does make his table special is that it's in the dining room where all the other customers sit.

Higgins said the specific table for the "Friday Night Crew" is two tables pushed together by the front right window of the restaurant.

He said Packers fans know this and sometimes make reservations on Friday nights during Packers season in hopes of dining in the same room as Rodgers.

"In New York, for example, he could probably blend in a little bit more going out to dinner and stuff, but Green Bay is such a small city," Higgins said. "I think it's really cool that he's out in the community, and people get to notice him."

Higgins said he's "thankful" he's had the opportunity to serve Rodgers because Rodgers has done so much for Chives and has been a good friend.

He said he's excited for Rodgers' next big move, but the Chives family will be sad to see him go.

"We're gonna miss him here on Friday nights. That's for sure," Higgins said.