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Airbnb names Sturgeon Bay man best host in Wisconsin

"It's quite an honor and we put in a lot of work over the years"
A man from Sturgeon Bay was ranked the top host in the state by Airbnb
Posted at 5:02 PM, Jul 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-26 19:51:59-04

STURGEON BAY (NBC 26) — Creating a space for others to enjoy is something many short-term rental owners strive to do, and according to Airbnb, one man in Sturgeon Bay has exceeded those expectations; being named the top Airbnb host in Wisconsin.

Glen Vander Velden has been renting his property, the Quiet Country Shed, on Airbnb for five years and said being recognized as the top Wisconsin host by the website was exciting.

"It's quite an honor and we put in a lot of work over the years," said Vander Velden.

To qualify for this distinction from Airbnb, hosts had to receive a 100% five-star rating in cleanliness, check-in and communication. They also had to have a minimum of 100 reviews.

Vander Velden had more than 250 reviews without ever getting less than a five-star rating.

"I think just like anything, it's attention to detail. I think you have to expect to put in a lot of time and it really helps to be on-site like we are-we're right next door," said Vander Velden.

With their home also on the property, the Vander Velden’s can assist visitors if they have questions or concerns.

Vander Velden says he can't take all the credit though.

"Being married to a perfectionist really helps a lot, and she, my wife Kathy, she's kind of the brains of the operation and she makes sure that everything is at a very high standard," Vander Velden explained.

Kathy helps to welcome the guests and will put together welcome baskets and lists of things to do around the area.

"We figure out what people need and what you know, excites them when they come in the door," said Kathy Vander Velden.

The property also has a pond and orchard located on it, so guests don't need to leave to be entertained.

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