Today's Take: Give O.J. Mayo a 2nd chance

GREEN BAY, Wis. - How do you feel about second chances?  That's the question I've got to ask as we get into "Today's Take.  A former NBA player, who hopes to be a current NBA player again at some point in the near future, wants one.  Not just from the league but from his old team.

Point guard O.J. Mayo is one of those tragic athlete stories at the moment but he doesn't want to be anymore. Currently Mayo is serving a two year NBA ban for violating the league substance abuse policy.  According to Mayo the ban stems from marijuana use and prescription pain med abuse.  

Mayo, according to a recent sports illustrated article, has been getting his body back in NBA shape.  He's cut out alcohol, he's sticking to a vegetarian diet, and he's putting in an impressive amount of time with his personal trainer. He has been working on his game so that if, and when, the NBA lifts their ban he can be ready.  

However the thing that grabbed my attention is what Mayo said about the Bucks.  Mayo said "I felt like i let them down, cheated them for two year.  They paid me $8 million to be, in my eyes, a subpar player."  Now he wants to make it up to the Bucks.  He feels like he owes them.

Some fans won't want to see the juice back in Milwaukee green but I would.  A lot of people don't change, but when you hit rock bottom, the way O.J. Mayo did, sometimes that second opportunity is when you the promise of talent fully is unleashed.  It could be just what the Bucks and Mayo himself need....  and that's today's take. 

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