Today's Take 6/21/16 - Basketball Withdrawal And The Draft

Posted at 7:53 PM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-21 20:53:55-04

The NBA crowned a champion Sunday night.  Lebron James made a pretty compelling case that he's a top two, top three player of all-time.  I myself rode the adrenaline from that game seven for two days, walking on clouds and sunshine, and i wasn't even rooting for the Cavs.  But now like Keyzer Sose "poof" the season is gone.  There is still a little something for hoop heads to glob onto this week though, the NBA draft is coming up on Thursday.  For Wisconsin-ites the Bucks have the 10th pick in round one.  Henry Ellenson and Diamond Stone are both projected first round picks.  For pure enjoyment you've got the Boston Celtics floating around out there like "Planet X" with all those picks and pieces to trade just waiting to make a mess of this whole process.  This draft could be one of the most volatile, exciting drafts in years.  The league is in a confusing place with the cap about to rise and free agents about to cost so this draft is going to have some moving, some shaking, the standard big men in bad suits, and inevitably a pick that will turn the tide for at least one franchise if not more.    Could it be your's? Could it be mine?  This might be manufactured excitement.  Is it the Olympics yet?  Carmelo bring home that gold...  I need hoops back in my life.