Today's Take 6/16/16 - Stay Out Of Trouble

Posted at 7:44 PM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-16 20:44:35-04

Minicamp is over. The Packers organized team activities are now over.  All the players, except for the rookies, are going to be on their own for the next five weeks until the start of training camp.  What that means for the athletes is a little bit of freedom, a little room to rest the body, to enjoy themselves.  Hopefully it also means, as was a topic of conversation in the locker room today, staying out of trouble.  Which brings me to my point, while monetarily there may not be a better time to be an athlete, for privacy's sake there isn't a worse one.  Between the blogs, the fans, and the ever nuanced journalistic approach of TMZ sports.  The most recognizable out there need to be carful, not only with their own actions but with who and where they decide to spend their time.  Middle linebacker Sam Barrington today made the point that it's not enough to keep your own nose clean, you also have to make sure you're not putting yourself in an environment where someone else's deed or judgment could create a situation that reflects poorly on you.  To be honest it's good advice for anyone, great advice for the famous, and with a packer team that's carrying high expectations, it's advice fans hope their favorite players listen too.  As Jayrone Elliott said today "stay off ESPN, the bottom of the screen."