Today's Take 6/13/16 - Settle Down NBA Conspiracy Nuts

Posted at 7:43 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-13 20:43:43-04
The interwebs have me all in a twitter and I'm going to need more than a hundred and forty characters to untangle this mess so strap on in.  Sunday Draymond Green had his altercation with Lebron James in game 4 upgraded to a flagrant foul.  Afflictively what that means is, he is now suspended for tonights game five.  Almost immediately after that decision all of the NBA conspiracy theorists came flooding out of the woodwork to go "seeeeee!!!!!!!!!" the NBA doesn't want this series to be over yet. "Seeeeee!!!!!" this is proof they are tampering with the outcomes.  To that I say, are you people insane?  Draymond green got suspended because, he swiped at the Kings family jewels, that alone wouldn't even have been enough however he has four flagrant fouls this post season triggering an automatic suspension.   Lets be honest, Draymond Green, as Charlie Murphy might say, is a habitual line stepper.  He is great because he's constantly near that line but he is suspended because he has been way over it a number of times in these playoffs.  If  you want to blame someone for this Draymond mess, blame Draymond.  This wasn't some dubious backroom deal and even in a world where it was they couldn't have pulled it off without his flagrant indiscretion.