Switching Sports: UW Madison Athlete focuses on Gold

Posted at 4:58 PM, Jul 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 19:57:10-04

When you dawn the Red White and Blue at the Olympics you represent our entire Nation. Still though regional ownership can make it feel more personal. At this Summer's Games in Rio there will be current and former Badgers vying for a gold medal, including Alev Kelter, an Alaskan born member of the Women's 7 rugby team who didn't pick up the sport until after her collegiate career playing both hockey and soccer for Wisconsin.

"Rugby makes a good Olympic sport because it's fast paced. There's contact some people like to see that is safe,"  Kelter explained. "You are taught the fundamentals at a crucial age. You do not have a lot of padding so your, you do not feel like you are invincible. There's contact and it's a good environment, it's not violent, it's just you know, tough."
Kelter was 14 and tried out for the National Soccer Team and the National Hockey Team. After making both, She remembers stopping and saying, 'this is a reality.' "Hockey and soccer have lead me to become the competitor I am today and be successful as I am. But, rugby right now is my favorite sport that I am focusing on. I have fallen so in love with it that I am going to encourage everyone to start with rugby."