Wayne Larrivee's 2016 NFL preseason power poll

Wayne's Blog
Posted at 2:08 PM, Aug 10, 2016

Scroll through the gallery above to see Wayne's latest power poll, and if you're on a desktop or laptop computer, click "show caption" to see his thoughts on each team.

The first power poll of the summer is really a reflection of what teams have done since last season. It is always great to get to training camp with a healthy roster and everyone lined up and ready to go.

But as I have said before, all of this is nice to ponder right now. When the pads come on and they start playing games, this power poll stuff becomes very fluid!

Another note: Once you get past the top ten, things become a little blurry in the NFL. You could throw a blanket over teams ranked from 11 to 21.

I think you have ten good teams in this league, lots of mediocrity and four or five really bad clubs as we head into the season.

Before the games begin, here is how I see the NFL from a power-perspective.