Ted Thompson ranked in top five for best NFL general managers

Posted at 3:20 PM, Apr 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-18 16:20:34-04

Green Bay Packers fans have gone back and forth on how they feel about GM Ted Thompson's decision-making over the past few years.

However, the website Rotoworld has ranked Thompson as the fourth-best general manager in the NFL.

Here's what writer Patrick Daugherty had to say about Thompson:

For his first draft pick as Packers general manager, Ted Thompson selected one of the greatest players in league history. Aaron Rodgers has worked out for Thompson and the Pack. What about everyone else? Thompson, devoted to the draft and leery of any player not born into green and yellow, can leave onlookers bemused. We’re not just talking about fans. Last year, the dean of Packers reporting, Bob McGinn, called Thomson a “glorified director of college scouting.” Harsh … but fair? Thompson might agree with what McGinn meant to be a withering takedown. And why not? Let’s allow that Thompson lucked into Rodgers. We can’t ignore that he proceeded to surround him with a roster that’s won at least 10 games seven times since Rodgers replaced Brett Favre in 2008. The Packers have made the playoffs each of the past eight seasons. That’s not all one player. Thompson is destined to remain polarizing. That should be just fine with him as long as the debates are happening after 10-win, playoff-appearing seasons.    

Daugherty listed Bill Belichick of the Patriots, John Elway of the Broncos, and John Schneider of the Seahawks as the top three GMs, in that order.

Last year, Thompson was sixth on the same list.