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STARS ALIGN: How astrology became Aaron Rodgers' 'permission slip' to embrace himself

The Packers quarterback says astrology has helped him better understand himself and has changed his life "for the better."
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Posted at 7:28 PM, Feb 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-07 15:01:22-05

LOS ANGELES (NBC 26) — After winning the AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm over the weekend, Aaron Rodgers spent Monday - the 12th anniversary of his Super Bowl XLV win - in an astrology seminar.

The four-time NFL MVP opened up about his relationship with the ancient science, saying it has changed his life "for the better."

Rodgers was the guest speaker in a class called "Astrological Immersion: Self-Confidence Without Approval." The zoom seminar was put on by astrology expert Debra Silverman, who Rodgers said has played a big role in his introduction to the celestial science.

Silverman has more than 40 years of astrology experience and said she has worked with other celebrities, such as hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and musician Sting.

She first met Rodgers, a Sagittarius, about three years ago when she gave him a reading at his California home.

"It was a really unnerving feeling," Rodgers said. "You (Silverman) started mentioning these things about me. Some of my deepest thoughts and secrets. I was like, 'did you talk to Danica (Patrick) before this?'"

The two laughed as Rodgers suggested he thought it was a "setup."

But she soon gained Rodgers' trust, and his astrological journey began.

Silverman showed Rodgers' astrological chart, which she said is unique. Rodgers has five planets in his "house of secrets," which leads to a wide range of interests and personality styles. She described him as "fire and water."

"One half of him is a loud, sarcastic, humorous monster and the other part is so deep and so sensitive and quiet," Silverman said. "You would never know by looking (at him) and that's what astrology is."

"Astrology was the permission slip to embrace all parts of me," Rodgers said. "Not just the parts that I liked, but the other parts."

In football, the quarterback said it has helped him better relate to his Packers teammates.

"Naturally I did the charts of a number of my teammates that I interacted with on a normal basis - and the coaching staff - just so I could better understand their personalities," Rodgers said. "It honestly opened up a new type of relationship (with many of them)."

Since, Rodgers has enjoyed a career resurgence, winning back-to-back MVPs in the 2020 and '21 seasons.

Now, his football future once again hangs in the balance.

"We don't care where Aaron's going to play next," Silverman said. "What we care about is, does Aaron have peace inside of himself? And I have watched him fall in love with himself right in front of my eyes."

"That's all that matters, right?" Rodgers added.

When it comes to teammates, Rodgers specifically mentioned former Packers receiver Davante Adams. Adams is a Capricorn, which Rodgers said contributes to his "excellence" and "incredible focus."

Adams, who was traded to the Raiders last offseason, spent the weekend at the NFL's Pro Bowl Games, openly campaigning for Rodgers to join him in Las Vegas. The Raiders are now the betting favorites to land Rodgers if he does not retire or return to Green Bay.

Click here to visit Silverman's website, which includes a recording of Monday's seminar featuring Rodgers.