Rookie Josh Jones brings big hits to first full-pad practice

Posted at 7:19 PM, Jul 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-29 20:22:48-04

One of the big reasons second round draft pick Josh Jones is in Green Bay is because of his hitting power. But what happens when those hits come against his own teammates? 

During Saturday's first full-pad practice, Jones delivered a big hit against fellow rookie wide receiver Malachi Dupree which drew some angry looks from players. Veteran tight end Richard Rodgers had a few words with Jones before other players pulled the two of them apart. 

"I was just trying to protect my teammate," Rodgers said. It's not like I'm in an authoritative position, four years in the league, not 8 years in the league so I was just trying to help one of my teammates out. 

From a fans prospective, these kind of hits are a sign of good things to come for the versatile defensive back who can play anywhere from corner to linebacker. But as a player, you don't want to see your teammate hurt either. 

"There's not too much wrong with what he did, but at the same time there is," Martellus Bennett said. "That kind of stuff is going to happen but I think [players need to know] when to bring it and when not to bring it. Overall I love it, I love physical safeties."