VIDEO - Packers Second Screen: Packers 38, Vikings 25

The Packers' fifth-straight win puts them in position to win the NFC North next Sunday in a winner-take-all showdown against the Detroit Lions.


4th Quarter

Green Bay 38, Minnesota 25
Bradford-Thielen 8 yd TD pass
:32 left in game

Green Bay 38, Minnesota 19
Bradford-Diggs 3 yd TD pass
4:24 left in quarter

Green Bay 38, Minnesota 13
A. Rodgers-R. Rodgers 13 yd TD pass
9:07 left in quarter

Green Bay 31, Minnesota 13
Crosby 48 yd FG
14:55 left in quarter

3rd Quarter


2nd Quarter

Green Bay 28, Minnesota 13
Rodgers 6 yd TD run
:24 left in quarter

Green Bay 21, Minnesota 13
Bradford-Thielen 71 yd TD pass
7:24 left in quarter

Green Bay 21, Minnesota 6
Rodgers-Nelson 2 yd TD pass
8:11 left in quarter

Green Bay 14, Minnesota 6
Forbath 26 yd FG
12:30 left in quarter

1st Quarter

Green Bay 14, Minnesota 3
Rodgers-Adams 20 yd TD pass
1:49 left in quarter

Green Bay 7, Minnesota 3
Forbath 22 yd FG
3:40 left in quarter

Green Bay 7, Minnesota 0
Rodgers-Nelson 21 yd TD pass
7:20 left in quarter

Pregame coverage

Pregame story

'Tis the day before Christmas, and all through Lambeau
The buzz is alive with how far the Packers can go.

One month ago they were left for dead
A corpse at 4-6, so "fire Mike and Ted."

Four wins later, they're the NFL's team of danger
Now to Lambeau comes a team that's no stranger.

The Vikings beat Green Bay in Week 2, and all would agree
They were the team to beat...until injury.

That dastardly bug has bitten both teams
But Minnesota got it worse, or so it would seem.

Adrian Peterson's back, but that didn't matter
Last week they faced the Colts, and were splattered.

Meanwhile, the focus in Green Bay is Rodgers' hurting leg
If it doesn't stay healthy, the Packers are in the dregs.

But if it does, a possible MVP
Could drive the Packers deep into January.

They say with Aaron, Green Bay is particularly scary
But the defense isn't as dominant with one-armed Clay Matthews and no Nick Perry.

Can this heavily injured team win it all? Oh, wait, we must say,
Don't talk about playoffs. The focus must be today.

But wait a minute...don't be the grinch!
If eight games go right, this weekend, the Packers will clinch.

Such hope abounds in December. Such thinking is fine,
But as is so often said, one game at a time.

Today's game is enough, the Vikings at home.
The weather's cold as it should be, and it's in Lambeau, not a dome.

The Packers know the challenge. They know they are able.
Permutations abound, but their best bet...make step 5 in running the table.

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