Martellus Bennett went through a 'demasking phase,' leading to toy figurines

Posted at 9:03 PM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-08 22:06:46-04

Surrounded by a herd of media members, Packers tight end Martellus Bennett began to lecture as a professor would to a class. 

"If [football] is truly the legacy of your life," Bennett said, "then did you ever really accomplish anything?" 

The former Super Bowl champion has his life prioritized accordingly, and football is only a small blip on Bennett's radar. 

The Green Bay Packers list Bennett's occupation as a tight end, but his self-proclaimed title in life is "Creative Director of Awesomeness." He has his own agency ( authors his own children books, and even tried his hand at music. Bennett's multi-functional life style all stems from his ability to not care what you, or I (or anyone for that matter) thinks about it. 

"A couple years ago I went through a demasking phase," Bennett said. "At one point I was like, why do I have to wear all these masks around all these people I don't even know or don't even care about? So I started stripping myself down of all these different masks." 

Using creativity to his advantage, Bennett invented a cartoon character named "McGuire" and dressed him in each of his metaphorical masks. 

"My sexy version, he was in a pink bunny suit," Bennett said. 

Stripping away layer by layer, Bennett was left with the most pure version of himself; a dinosaur. 

"The dinosaur is one of the oldest creates, so I felt like it was the oldest form of myself."

Now, Bennett plans to release "McGuire" as a series of vinyl figurines. The first, "SkyDiver McGuire" was added to his agency website, available for purchase this past weekend.

"When I went through the demasking phase, the first part of it was jumping out of a plane and being free to become yourself," Bennett said. "So the first one is him in a skydiver suit." 

The vinyl toy comes in four styles and will cost you a pretty penny, $165 per figurine. If you think that's ridiculous, well, Martellus Bennett doesn't really care what you think.