Coach McCarthy impressed with rookies' energy on day one

Posted at 9:16 PM, May 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-05 22:19:12-04

Rookie camp is a little bit like the first day of school, and for the Packers new running backs, they're just giddy to be there.

Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones are even roommates who stay up all night talking football in their hotel.

"It was exciting, I felt like a kid. I still wanted to be a professional about it, but I'm still like a kid, coming to the locker room seeing all this green bay and official stuff," said Williams. "But I'm just grateful for the opportunity really to be able to show my talents and to be part of this team."

"It's definitely nice," said Jones. "We're all competing together, learning the offense together, so if we see someone mess up, we help each other out, so it's definitely nice to have each other there."

Head Coach Mike McCarthy told reporters this group of rookies is a "special group of men."

He also said the energy the rookies brought is remarkable.

"To have the competition between three, four players that are all around the same year, that's unique and that's something that will stick with those guys, you know, particularly this year," Coach McCarthy said. "So that's something that you can build off of, that's something that is motivation within the room that's not normal so i think it'll be a benefit."

Coach McCarthy has said that Ty Montgomery will be the starter, but all the new faces in the running back room are a welcome opportunity.