Brett Hundley eager to seize opportunities in preseason

Posted: 4:16 PM, Jul 28, 2017
Updated: 2017-07-28 17:16:32-04

Third year backup quarterback Brett Hundley is eager to play some football.

"Seriously, I can not wait to get back out on that field and play," Hundley said. 

Last year, Hundley hurt his ankle three plays into a pre-season game, missing his chance to shine on the big stage. With Aaron Rodgers solidified as the starter in Green Bay for some time to come, a strong pre-season for Hundley could give him the exposure he can't get during the regular season.

"I've been sort of contained for a year so I'm ready to burst," Hundley said. "I'm a backup right now, but when my opportunity comes, I'll be ready."

Hundley is only 2-10 passing in his NFL career but he threw for 9,996 yards and 75 touchdowns in three seasons at UCLA.