Aaron Rodgers talks about "longevity" with Packers on NFL Network

No. 12 predicts more titles for Packers in future
Posted: 2:52 PM, Jul 17, 2017
Updated: 2017-07-17 15:52:43-04

Aaron Rodgers doesn't see himself going anywhere, any time soon.

The Packers quarterback sat down with NFL Network's Alex Flanagan and talked about his career as well as what it looks like moving forward.

"I think I'm on the back nine of my career, but I think I'm kind of just starting the back nine," Rodgers said. "For me, I think the longevity is tied to being a Green Bay Packer. I'd like to finish my career in Green Bay. I started there a long time ago, being picked by Ted Thompson.

And I've been able to play with Mike McCarthy now for this will be our 12th year together. I'd like to get us another seven or eight or nine or 10 together, and I'd like to win another championship."

No. 12 also talked about how last season's finish is motivating this year's Packers squad, as camp is just over one week away.

"Well, it's exciting. I think we all realize how close we got last year. I think everybody was hungry in that locker room after the game, obviously a lot of disappointment about how we played and performed," Rodgers said. "We've got a young and hungry team, and you know, I like our chances."

As for watching Super LI at home in Feburary? After eight straight playoff runs and no Super Bowl culmination, Rodgers doesn't want to do that again.

"Watching that game, how it played out, it's tough not to be there," he said. "But I think it gives you the excitement to try and do it again."