Brewers Opening Day Live: Rockies 7, Brewers 5

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It is a time-honored tradition in Wisconsin, as time honored as beer and brats. (Well, maybe not THAT time-honored, but those are two essential elements to it.)

Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day has happened each of the last 48 years in the western end of the Menomonee Valley in Milwaukee. Again, it happens Monday with the Brewers hosting the Colorado Rockies.

In Wisconsin, this day is perhaps the first true unofficial sign of spring - the unveiling of the regular season for the "Boys of Summer" in weather that normally isn't summer-like.

Yet it foreshadows warmth to come, and potentially winning to come.

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Maybe not this year - at least an over-.500 season, but there are definite improvements that fans can expect with a young team that is steadily building.

But this day, the first of 162 Brewers gamedays, is not as much about the game result. It's about the fact there is a game.

It's the fact there's a Bob Uecker Brewers broadcast on WTMJ where the game counts.

And an excuse to tailgate. And an excuse to party. And an excuse to truly think, and experience, in person, the coming of spring in Wisconsin.

Stay tuned.

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