Small Towns: Campbellsport meat market sticks with tradition

Posted: 10:40 PM, Aug 15, 2017
Updated: 2017-08-31 23:07:42-04

In the Village of Campbellsport, like in many small towns in Wisconsin, there is a humble meat market.

But this one has been employing locals and feeding the community for more than six decades, all the while sticking with tradition.

At Loehr's Meat Service, the team produces tens of thousands of hot dogs and brats every year. Each link is made by hand, the traditional way, with one unique touch.

"I think what it is is we have a smokehouse on site here and it's done the old-fashioned way with a hand smoke, and that really gives the hot dogs a unique taste," said Shawn Landfriad, who has co-owned Loehr's for 15 years.

But don't take the butcher's word for it. Just ask Charlie, their number one buyer who owns Hot Dog Charlie's in Oshkosh, why these hot dogs are so special.

"It's a little smokey flavor to it," he said. "They are absolutely delicious."

Hot Dog Charlie's will sell more than 10,000 of Loehr's dogs every year, but it turns out the purchase isn't solely based on flavor.

"They're just very warm, genuine people and you lost that connection nowadays with a lot of your corporate types," Charlie said.

"In Wisconsin, we're very lucky because we do have a lot of these mom and pop places in these small towns that are hidden gems," said Landfriad. "People take a little drive sometime and check it out, you'll find out it's worth it."