Schools confident in digital learning preparations

Posted at 5:45 PM, Aug 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-20 19:32:35-04

PULASKI (NBC 26) -- When schools were forced to switch to digital learning in March, many parents we've spoken to said it was a difficult transition.

Months later, educators are confident that digital learning systems and platforms in place will allow for easier, more effective learning.

“It’s absolutely a challenge, but I will say that we have many staff who have been working really hard and diligently throughout the summer to support our teachers and provide the best environment we can for our students and families," Pulaski Community School District instruction technology coordinator Amy Uelmen said.

Uelmen said Pulaski's middle and high schoolers, learning from home three days a week, will use a platform called Canvas. The district has made it a main hub for all communications, and worked to make modules that are both easy to follow and detailed in instruction.

“When you get into modules, this is where all the learning activities are posted," Uelmen explained. "For example, there will be a student guide, so this will provide information on what their week will look like.”

Other districts will be using different modules and learning platforms, but area education leaders believe that as a whole, they're more ready to handle digital learning for students.

“I think the districts are exceptionally in a better position than we were in March," CESA 7 administrator Jeff Dickert said. "Are they totally ready? No. I think they’re going to have to move through this as well.”

Dickert said the transition could be more difficult for established, older teachers who may not have the same amount of training in online systems. It's something Uelmen said Pulaski has been working to address for years.

“I’m very confident in our teaching staff and all of our staff," she said. "They are hard workers and they persevere, and they have a joy for students and learning and will work really hard to do what the do for the success of all.”