Back to school donations different this year due to coronavirus

Families are in need of back to school help surrounding uncertain futures.
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Posted at 12:29 PM, Jul 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-27 17:30:37-04

KEWAUNEE CO. (NBC 26) — It’s expected to be one of the most expensive school years for supplies because of the pandemic. That means families that typically need help getting those supplies, will need it even more.

In Kewaunee County, hundreds of families rely on donations every year; the health department stepping in to help more than 300 students on average.

"There’s a greater need this year for assistance to those families, parents may not have returned to work or jobs have changed,” said Cindy Kinnard, Kewaunee County Public Health Director.

With the extra need, also comes an extra cost, not only because school lists have changed but also because kids can't share for safety reasons, as well as if schools choose to meet virtually.

"This year, where they're asking for things that might be more surface cleanable. So like the poly folders, the poly binders, those kinds of things, which tend to cost a little bit more money,” Kinnard said. Adding, "They still need the supplies. They’re still going to need, I think, the same amount of supplies."

That’s why the Kewaunee County Health Department is hoping for more school supply donations to help out around 125 families.

You can drop off donations to the department or some area churches that are collecting them. The actual event for kids to get their back to school items will be August 19th, but it is by appointment only, so you'll have to give them a call. You can find more information about donating and contact information on the press release below.