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‘Party of Five’ stars Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf reunite on Hallmark

‘Party of Five’ stars Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf reunite on Hallmark
Posted at 8:30 AM, Jul 01, 2023

Heads up, “Party of Five” fans! If you watched that heartwarming FOX drama in the nineties, you won’t want to miss the reunion of two of its cast members this holiday season. Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert, who played siblings on the popular series, will be starring together in one of the movies in Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas. It’s called “A Merry Scottish Christmas,” and it will air 23 years after the last time they shared a screen. Wolf and Chabert are also co-producing the film.

The news sparked hundreds of positive comments on Hallmark’s Facebook page, though some fans were a little worried that the pair, who played brother and sister on “Party of Five,” would be in a romantic relationship.

But rest assured, Hallmark says there will be nothing inappropriate going on between the former Bailey and Claudia Salinger. Wolf and Chabert are not playing a romantic couple. In fact, they’re playing siblings again!

Estranged sibs, actually. Their characters will reluctantly travel to Scotland for Christmas to see their mother (Fiona Bell), where they’ll discover a long-held family secret.

“Scott and I have talked for years about doing another project together,” Chabert said in a statement from Hallmark. “When we first read this story about these siblings at a crossroads, we both knew it was the perfect opportunity.”

“Party of Five” was on for six seasons, from 1994 to 2000. In that show, Wolf’s character, Bailey, was five years older than Chabert’s character, Claudia. In the wake of their parents’ death, he looked out for his little sister, and the pair had a special bond. In season three, Claudia called Bailey her favorite sibling. All these years later, their reunion is going to be fun to watch.

Has all this talk about holiday movies made you wish the Countdown to Christmas was happening right now? Hallmark feels you. That’s why, starting July 1, you can tune in to its Christmas in July programming!

Merry Christmas in July!

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