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Storm has passed, but dangerous driving conditions remain in places

Posted at 9:38 PM, Dec 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-24 22:38:46-05

OSHKOSH — The snowfall has subsided in Northeast Wisconsin, but dangerous cold and wind remains. Crews have been working diligently to clear the roads of ice and snow, but local experts say travel is still dangerous in some places.

Erik Heinz is a sergeant with the Wisconsin State Patrol and warns drivers to be aware of difficult conditions on the roads.

“It’s still kind of scattered slippery at this time, but even though it looks like it’s good winter driving you still gotta prepare for the worst,” said Heinz.

Heinz says most of Interstate 41 is safe for travel but warns that some trouble spots remain.

“We’ve got some current ongoing crashes in Winnebago County near the Butte-de-Morts bridge. That seems to be the biggest problem area that we currently have," he said.

Lieutenant Lori Seiler of the Winnebago County Sheriff's department says snow blowing off the lake has created dangerous conditions for drivers.

“Well, what we’ve experienced is a high volume of crashes again on the Lake Butte-des-Mort Bridge due to the strong wind creating whiteout conditions," she said.

Seiler says that her department has responded to five accidents on the bridge today alone, after dealing with four yesterday. She emphasizes that crews have made most of the county highways safe for travel, but still urges drivers to stay put.

“If you don’t need to travel today, stay home and be safe," she says. "If you are going to travel, slow down, just be aware of your environment and the other drivers around you.”