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Remembering Magic: The Oshkosh Police Department shares memories of the K9

Posted at 4:59 PM, Dec 12, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-12 18:31:40-05
  • Oshkosh Police Department's therapy dog, Magic, tragically passed away at the end of Novemeber. A memorial service was held on Tuesday that drew more than 100 people.
  • Oshkosh Police Chief, Dean Smith, said that it is a devastating loss for the department but they are thankful for the time Magic spent with them. He says the therapy dog program will continue but for now, his mind is only on Magic.
  • Magic was trained by "Journey Together" a local Oshkosh group that trains future service dogs. One member, Brad Cirrcione, knew Magic since she was a puppy. He says she was always very outgoing.

A lot of people got together in Oshkosh to remember the K9 named Magic. A memorial was held in honor of the beloved dog.
The K9 named Magic died in November from cancer. Oshkosh Police Chief, Dean Smith was just one of the people who spoke during Magic's memorial service.

"She was a lover. I mean literally, you never saw a bad day with Magic,” Chief Smith said. “We didn't understand the success that we would have with Magic. We didn't know the impact that she would have on people's lives."

Magic was born in January of 2020 and was adopted into the department's family from "Journey Together," a group in Oshkosh that trains future service dogs.

One member of that group, Brad Cirricione, was with Magic since she was a pup.

As the police station's therapy dog assigned to behavioral health officer Scott Sopata, Cirricione told me she was different than most dogs.

"When she would walk through a crowd, she was more like a, 'Hi! Hi!',” Cirricione said.

Tuesday another crowd of more than 100 got together to honor Magic. Many say they were touched by the beloved dog in some way.

"There was a lot of people here today and that is just a fraction of the lives that she effected,” said Cirricione.

"When I looked across the room and saw all of the folks here, I got a little caught up,” Chief Smith said. “Because everybody cared, everybody loves Magic."

One K9, beloved by one community, and one memorial to remember a dog that changed lives

"To cooperate and pitch in without regards for self and have consideration for others,” said Police Captain, Brian Schuldes. “That was and is… Magic the K9."

Chief Smith says the department will continue its therapy dog program, but now is about remembering Magic and how magical they say she was.