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Oshkosh Mayor candidate Matt Mugerauer pledges to serve citizens, strengthen business ties if elected

Posted at 8:19 PM, Mar 31, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-31 21:19:16-04

OSHKOSH — After five years on the city council and two years as Deputy Mayor, Matt Mugerauer is running for Oshkosh Mayor this spring.

Mugerauer calls himself a "born and raised Oshkosh kid" and prides himself on his willingness to serve his community at all times.

“Being available is the biggest thing…" he said, "you gotta be willing to take the phone calls and cut into the family dinners every once in a while and be there for your constituents.”

Mugerauer says he'll bring "respectful leadership," to the council if elected and will go the extra mile for his constituents. He says this makes him the better choice than his opponent, Aaron Wojciechowski.

“The difference between us is about our vision for Oshkosh, how we get there, and the work we’re willing to put in to do that…" Mugerauer said, "my path to get there is about putting in hard work and trusting people and making sure you’re doing the right thing by all in this community.”

For Mugerauer, one of the most significant issues facing Oshkosh is a housing shortage.

“We need more housing, we need more single-family, we need more multi-family. We need it at all different prices and levels.”

If elected mayor, Mugerauer says he will work to strengthen relations with local businesses and developers, which he believes will make new growth easier.

“It’s really about creating the right climate for development. Making sure that our planning staff and our city hall is a place that’s easy and good to do business with. If there are impediments and barriers there, no one’s gonna want to come and do business here.” (:16)

Mugerauer encourages voters who'd like to see "common sense" and growth in Oshkosh to vote for him Tuesday.

“Over the last 5 years I’ve been the moderate common sense responsible voice on council..." he said, "...I love this community, I grew up here born and raised. I hope to make it a better place for all who want to call Oshkosh home….[I] have no interest in going backward, even stagnant is not desirable, we have to continue our growth.”

Mugerauer has been endorsed by the Winnebago County Republican Party, but emphasizes this race "is designed to be non-partisan" and says he has not asked for an endorsement from any party.

In-person voting runs from 7 am to 8 pm Tuesday and voters can still register to vote on election day, but will need to bring proof of residence to their respective polling place. More information on voting in Oshkosh can be found on the City Clerk's webpage