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Oshkosh Mayor candidate Aaron Wojciechowski pledges to promote diversity, sustainability if elected

Posted at 6:55 PM, Mar 31, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-31 19:55:45-04

Despite his young age, Aaron Wojciechowski has already had a long career in Winnebago County politics.

“I ran for the County Board when I was 19 and won," he explained, "So I was the youngest elected official in Wisconsin at the time."

Now 26, Wojciechowski currently serves on Oshkosh Common Council and is running for mayor.

He describes himself as a leader who cares for his community and prides himself on "being a places of power," for marginalized people.

“I lead with empathy," he said, "that’s always been a quality that a lot of people resonate with."

In Wojciechowski's opinion, his focus on equity sets him apart from his opponent Matt Mugerauer and makes him the better candidate for mayor

“When an issue comes before council…I always look at it through a lens of equity…" he said, "those are things I don’t think my opponent things about as much.”

If elected, Wojciechowski says he'll push to hire a full-time city employee dedicated to handling the city's diversity equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Wojciechowski lists diversity equity and inclusion as one of four main issues he'll focus on as mayor, along with economic development, sustainability, and addressing homelessness. He acknowledges these problems have no easy answer, but thinks creating new sources of revenue by encouraging more businesses to come to Oshkosh, combined with investing in sustainable technology are good places to start.

“If we invest in green technology and sustainable practices, we’ll get a return on investment that can then be used for other things…can we have solar panels on our roofs? How much green space are we gonna have? Cause that also impacts things like wildlife and flooding and ecosystems.”

He explains he plans to work with builders at the planning stage to encourage them to incorporate elements like solar panels and green space into new construction

Wojciechowski urges voters to choose him Tuesday if they'd like to see a city that strives for diversity and sustainability.

“Your community is what you make of it and it’s decided by the people you put in power. If you want to see a city that reflects your values…appreciates diversity…wants to see a sustainable city, vote for me.” (:15)

Wojciechowski has been endorsed by local democrats, but emphasized that partisan politics "has never influenced or compromised my ability to govern with empathy, authenticity, equity, logic, and truth."

In-person voting runs from 7 am to 8 pm Tuesday and voters can still register on election day, but will need to bring proof of residence to their respective polling places. More information on voting in Oshkosh can be found on the City Clerk's webpage.