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As Rodgers intends to play for Jets, some fans say they're ready to move on

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Posted at 8:30 PM, Mar 15, 2023

OSHKOSH — After 147 wins, four league MVPs, one Super Bowl and a longer tenure than any other player in Packers' history, Aaron Rodgers' time in Titletown appears to be over.

Rodgers announced on the Pat McAfee show Wednesday that he's seeking a trade to the New York Jets, forcing Packers fans to prepare for life without the future Hall-of-Fame QB.

While a lot of fans seemed grateful for the success Rodgers has had in Green Bay over the years, most still seemed to agree, it's time for both sides to move on.

"Thanks for all you did, but don't let the door hit you on the way out," said Mike Noel.

Many fans pointed to Rodgers' lack of success in the later rounds of the playoffs—especially the NFC Championship round, where the QB is 1-3—as evidence he never lived up to his full potential.

"[Rodgers was] successful, but not to the degree a lot of fans hoped for, with only one Super Bowl," said Steve Langkau.

Fans also seemed to have a sour taste left in their mouths by some of the drama surrounding the QB's recent years, especially with the way Rodgers has seemingly dragged out his decision to either remain with the Packers or leave the past two seasons.

“Him taking as long as he has to make a decision has affected the team," said Kayla Meyers, "I hope with [Jordan] Love it’ll actually bring promise to the Packers.”

Rodgers' heir-apparent was cited by many fans as a reason to be optimistic about the team's prospects for the coming years. Some even went as far as to say the team is in better hands now with Love presumably taking over, than it was with Rodgers at the beginning of the year.

“I’m just excited for our future," said Noel.

"We’ve got a good young quarterback, in Jordan Love, we know Rodgers has always been one for getting his money first, now let’s see what our team can do with actual cap space to go sign some guys.”

Still, fans gave credit to Rodgers for the amount of success he did deliver to Green Bay and Langkau said he'll miss having a sure-fire Hall-of-Famer under center.

“I’m 33, I’ve had Favre and Rodgers my whole life, so it’s obviously going to be rough if he moves on," he said.

Langkau remains hopeful though, that another future Canton resident, will lead the team to a bright future.

"That’s all we can really hope for, the third straight Hall-of-Famer in a row.”