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American WWII hero's grandson partners with France to fundraise for statue

Robert T. Frederick was the youngest 2-star general of his day and the recipient of 8 Purple Hearts
Robert T. Frederick wwii hero
Posted at 9:28 PM, Oct 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-09 11:10:36-04
  • Brad Hicks is the grandson of the youngest two-star general in WWII at the time, Robert T. Frederick.
  • Frederick is still highly celebrated in France, and an international nonprofit reached out to ask for help funding a statue in his honor.
  • Brad created a GoFundMe account for that cause at this link.
  • Watch to learn more about his grandfather's accomplishments and lasting legacy.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

"When I was a little kid, I knew there was something special about him."

Brad Hicks worked for many years as a TV news anchor in Milwaukee. Now, he lives in Oshkosh, and he's working on a passion project honoring his grandfather.

"His name was Robert T. Frederick."

Robert T. Frederick was the youngest two-star general in the army at the time, and he was highly decorated.

"At the end of the war, he had earned eight Purple Hearts – more than anyone in World War II."

In 2019, Brad had the opportunity to travel to France, and there he really saw his grandfather's impact firsthand.

"Seventy-five years after the war, an eight-year-old boy has learned about my grandfather in school as the liberator of his region of France. He's — my grandfather's his hero. That just blew my mind."

Brad had the opportunity to visit for Liberation Day, sometimes called American Day, which is celebrated on August 15.

"And when I was there a few years ago, the response of the French people to this day blows my mind. They have not forgotten."

Now, he is working with an international nonprofit that reached out about a project to build a statue of his grandfather in Southern France.

"They've raised $50,000 of what they need of the 65. And so, they said, 'Hey,' you know, 'this is all from people in France who've donated. Do you think Americans might want to donate?' Why don't we try?"

Brad says that this project means a lot to him.

"You know, this is going to be a statue of my grandfather, but it really represents all the men who served with him."