Workers fighting for pensions turning to November elections for hope

Retired workers also rallying active workers
Posted at 9:50 PM, Oct 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-31 22:50:30-04
Wisconsin's union workers are turning to the November elections as they continue to fight for the future of their pensions.
Back in May, the Treasury Department rejected proposed cuts to the Teamster's Central States Retirement Plan that would've slashed their retirement benefits in half.
Since July, Teamsters across the nation have been working to unify their message.
"So we came up with our co-chairs," says Terry Black, of the Wisconsin Green Bay Committee to Protect Pensions, "we have a treasurer, and accountant, and secretary now." 
And they're seeing hope in the new political landscape that November will bring.
Organizers say union workers in 37 states have been pressing lawmakers on both sides to fight for workers' pensions. 
"So that, after the elections, [and] We have a new Senate, new Congress, new president, we can hit the streets running with our efforts to get heard," says Black, "and get some new legislation passed to protect us in the future so we don't have to fight through this again." 
But organizers say more needs to be done with their message on social media, which lawmakers notice.
"They actually look at the numbers. They brought it up to us… 'oh, you have so many thousand likes,'" explains Black, "and 'we see how many people are attending your meetings,' and that makes a big impact." 
Which is why many retired workers say more young, active workers need to be fighting this fight.
"They're not even worried if it's going to be there or not," says Black, "and they need to."