Woman warns about hidden fee after Oshkosh "Bubble Run"

Posted at 10:39 PM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 23:41:28-04

An Appleton woman is warning people who participated in the Oshkosh Bubble Run about a hidden fee that they may not know about.

Libby Mcconlogue signed up for the Oshkosh Bubble Run more than a month ago. She ran the race a couple weeks ago, and this week, she received an email thanking her for her membership with Active Advantage. 

Active Advantage is the event service company used to register for the run.

“My card on file was charged $79.99,” said Libby Mcconlogue.
Mcconlogue called Active Advantage’s customer service for a refund and explanation.

"They indicated to me that any race you sign up for through Active Advantage, you are automatically opted in for a 30 day free trial. If you do not, as the consumer, go in and opt out yourself, you are charged a yearly membership,” said Mcconlogue.
She argued she never even knew about the free trial, and did not authorize Active Advantage to charge her account. She said that information was not printed on her registration form.
"I was furious. You just feel taken advantage of. You want to do something fun in the community and with your family, and then you look back a month later, and you see you're being charged 80 dollars for something you didn't give consent to,” said Mcconlogue.
Libby says she posted on a community Facebook page warning others who participated in the Oshkosh Bubble Run to make sure they weren't unknowingly getting charged extra, too.
Mcconlogue added she isn't the only one that's been charged. She spoke with someone who said they've been getting charged for the past three years without knowing.
NBC26 did reach out to Active Advantage. They tell us the person we need to speak with is unavailable. We will continue to contact the company for comment.