Wolf River flooding in Fremont dries up business

FREMONT, Wis. - A very wet end to winter and start of spring has rivers in Northeast Wisconsin pushing the edges of their banks. 

That's not just causing damp basements, it's flushing out some people's wallets.

People in Fremont are saying the same thing when asked about the Wolf River. 

"This is the highest its been ever since I've been here. Five years, this is the highest I've seen it," said Chris Wenzel, Fremont Bait and Tackle owner.

"In 31 years, I've only seen it go over the docks four or five times, but this one seems to be the worst," said Tim Lager, Fremont resident.

The flooding is making it difficult to get boats in and out of the water, which is keeping some anglers away. Business owners say this is their busy season, but they're only getting about a third the business they normally get.

"This town, I've never seen it like this," said Wenzel.

Wenzel says he normally would have customers in his shop from open to close, but he's seeing stretches of emptiness. 

"We've lost a lot of business. Normally mothers day weekend is the best weekend, but with the high water, if you have a three hour drive to come up here or if you're an out-of-towner, a lot of people have been canceling," said Wenzel.

Landowners on the Wolf River are pleading with those boating to go slow, as their wake can cause major issues. 

"Where our garden is, the boards that are holding the garden up, they're floating away. So, a lot of destruction," said Kathy Smith, Fremont resident.

Residents don't know when the Wolf will go back to its den, or at least its usual banks, but hope, for the sake of their wallets and property, it happens soon.

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