Wisconsinites among the thousands planning to attend Trump inauguration

Brown Co. chairwoman already in D.C.

Republicans from northeast Wisconsin are among the hundreds of thousands of people planning on being at the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.
Some are already out in Washington D.C.
Wisconsin Republicans NBC26 spoke with on Wednesday say this Friday is historic, and for those already out in D.C., they add there's no place they'd rather be this week.
Marian Krumberger, Chairwoman of the Republican Party of Brown County, is one of those excited Wisconsinites.
She says she made the commitment to go if Trump won weeks before the election results.
"I'm going to probably put a little scrapbook together for my great grandchildren, and my grandchildren as well to show there was somebody in our family who actually attended this. I think sometimes there's a distance between northeast Wisconsin and Washington D.C.," adds Krumberger over the phone, "it's kind of bridging the gap a little bit."
Being in D.C., according to Krumberger, is a tribute to all the grassroots efforts out of Wisconsin that got Trump elected.
"Also, I want to bridge the gap for some of our grassroots people, who have been very supportive of some of the momentum," says Krumberger, "and some of the ideas that Donald Trump has, but also the party."
Meanwhile, Brown County Democrat leaders say they're nervous about this inauguration, along with the people President-elect Trump is considering for his various cabinets. 
"I'm scared because of the people he's bringing into his cabinet," says Democratic Party of Brown Co. Vice Chair Rich Langan. "The president doesn't know everything, but he needs good people around him."
Still, Langan says he's trying to remain positive.
"You know, he is our president," says Langan, "and, personally, I feel that we've got to give him a shot. It's going to tell in the first 100 days what kind of man he is--what kind of a man is going to lead this country."
Langan says protestors that can't make the trip east will gather Saturday in Madison.
"And it's going to be quite an event in Madison on Saturday," adds Langan. 


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