Wisconsin woman offers insight to hurricane impacts on Hawaii

Posted: 5:16 PM, Aug 22, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-22 19:25:58-04

A local woman from Wisconsin who travels frequently to Hawaii says this storm could impact tourism. Brittany Gajewki says the storm could prevent people from visiting Hawaii.

Hurricane Lane is a Category 4 storm, but earlier it was classified as a Category 5. A representative from FEMA tweeted earlier that it was the closest a storm this powerful was next to Hawaii.

Gajewki expects less people to travel to the island chain. However, she mentioned if there is any damage, the state could get popular tourist spots up and running quickly.

"I think when something like this happens, tourism does tend to go down, but with the volcano they had the tourist parts back up as quick as they could, people still could have gone there no problem," Gajewki explains.

Gajewki also mentioned there are parts of the Big Island still recovering from the volcano eruptions earlier this year. She said people are gathering resources such as food and water because this storm looks to be serious.