Wisconsin vs. LSU Game Brings Big Economic Boost to Titletown

Posted at 10:47 PM, Sep 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-04 23:47:52-04

Less than 24 hours after Wisconsin takes the win on Lambeau Field, fans in red and purple still wander around Titletown.

"Thousands of dollars have gone into the pockets just in the last couple of hours," said LSU fan Eric Kelly.  He drove up to Green Bay Friday from Birmingham, Alabama.

Those fans are spending money and helping business in Northeast Wisconsin.
"We were sold out both nights, Friday and Saturday," said Aloft Hotel front desk manager, Whitney Dewherst.
People traveled from all across the United States to see their team take to Lambeau Field.  With all those people needing a room to stay in, the game has given a huge boost to the hotel business.
"We are actually able to raise our prices a little bit more when there's big events like this so it's kind of nice because there is that high demand and people are willing to pay the higher prices," said Dewherst.
When those fans leave their hotel, they head to nearby bars and restaurants.
"we expect what they spend will probably well exceed that of a home Packers game," said Greater Green Bay Visitor's Bureau spokesperson, Brad Toll.
One of the more popular spots for game day is Kroll's West in Ashwaubenon.
"We went through a lot more (food) before the game than we thought we would, it was definitely busier," said Kroll's West manager, Robyn Bartel.
Restaurant staff guess outside food sales at least doubled and when comparing the college game to a regular Packers home game, they say they did a little better.
"It's comparable.  We're definitely probably busier yesterday early in the morning and it was a sustained busy throughout the whole time," said Bartel.
As the money continues to roll in even after the game has ended, business owners only had one thing to say about this weekend.
"I think that this should be like every year kind of thing, it's huge and I mean it brought in so much money just for the area as well," said Dewherst.
A college game day experience that fans and business owners say they would love to see again next year.