TraJa & TraJa's Heart – Domestic Violence Awareness

Posted at 7:53 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 20:53:07-04
TraJa’s story: On December 3, 2009 in Madison, WI, Tracy Lynn Judd (33) and her beautiful daughter Deja Renee (23 months) were both brutally murdered by Tracy's boyfriend, Deja's father, Tyrone Adair. They both were murdered in their Middleton home and then placed in the trunk of his car and driven to a location across town where he left his car in a parking lot.  He then walked across the street, had a beer and called a cab to return home where Tracy's twin teenage daughters would return home from school. Once they got off the school bus they entered the home like any other given day, not noticing anything was wrong. He told the girls that their mother and baby sister were out running errands and they would be home late. He told them that he had to leave to help someone move. He then drove across town where his other two and a half-year old daughter, Neveah, and her mother Amber (25) lived and waited for them to return home from the day. As they entered the garage he shot them both dead.
This triggered a nation-wide man hunt for Tyrone when the evidence of this quadruple homicide started to unravel that evening. Four days later Tyrone's body was found in the back of Tracy's SUV with a self-inflicted gun shot wound.
Tracy's only sister Lisa Judd Blanchard and Tracy's childhood close friend Heather Severson have made it their mission to end domestic violence and make abusers accountable for their actions. Tracy's daughters have also been a great inspiration to both Lisa and Heather. TraJa wants to remember those children who have been left behind and help them overcome the loss of a parent in such a horrific way.
In January 2010 (five short weeks after this horrific event) Lisa Judd Blanchard held a benefit  in their community on Tracy's 34th birthday raising nearly $50,000 for their local domestic violence shelter, DAIS. Neither Lisa nor Heather knew this shelter existed until the loss of Tracy and Deja. Neither of the women knew at that time it would be the first of many events they would hold to help victims of domestic violence.
According to Heather Severson, domestic violence is not an isolated event.  People do not just "snap".  It is a pattern that is predictable.  If you look into the pasts of most abusers, a history of escalating criminal behavior can be clearly discerned. 
Now, this organization is raising money, raising awareness and helping pass legislation to protect people from domestic violence. 
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