Tech Talk: Tech to Help You Escape The Holidays

Posted at 7:50 PM, Dec 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-09 20:50:32-05
The holidays can be wonderful time full of family, parties and cheer. They can also leave you looking for a way to escape. We can’t always hop in the car or jump on a plane and get away, so Jason Strong from AT&T joined us on Wisconsin Tonight with some tech that can help you escape – without leaving home.
LG TONE ACTIVE: These are the perfect headphones to tune out your uncle when he starts talking about conspiracy theories.
LG V20: The perfect smartphone to call for food delivery when the planned family dinner melts in the oven or ends up tasting like shoes.
LG G PAD: Large tablet for binging on movies in your room when you need to get away.
DIRECTV NOW: Even if you have to go grandma’s that doesn’t mean you have to miss your favorite programs.
With DIRECTV Now you can take all of your favorite movies and shows with you. And even better, if you’re an AT&T customer binging won’t count against your data plan.
SAMSUNG GEAR VIRTUAL REALITY GOGGLES. And if all of the above fails, just slip on these VR goggles and escape to a white sandy beach… all by yourself.