Tech Talk: Spring-clean Your Smartphone

Posted at 8:30 PM, Mar 18, 2016
When you think of spring cleaning, you might not think of checking off the one thing on the list that you use every day: your smartphone! By keeping your technology tidy, you can help improve battery life and performance of your phone. Jason Strong with AT&T joined us on “Wisconsin Tonight” with some suggestions.
1.) Delete unused apps: Even though you may not be actively using an application, it can still run along with other apps. This can silently drain the battery. Close or quit those unused apps, and if you no longer use the apps, delete them. Unused apps can clutter your screen and distract you from discovering what you need. Keep your screen clean and create folders to group similar apps.
2.) Polish your passwords: Wipe away your chances of being hacked and clear your device of poor passwords. Mix it up and choose a combo of words, numbers and symbols
3.) Be battery efficient: Just like you remember to turn the lights off when you leave a room, it’s good to remember to turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS on your smartphone when these functions are not in use. This can improve the phone’s battery life, too.
4.) Sync your smartphone: Not only will syncing your smartphone save you massive amounts of space, but it will also save you loads of grief if something happens to your cell. Organize your device and store what you don’t need daily in a safe place. Consider using a cloud-based storage service, such as AT&T Locker. It offers customers an easy and automated way to store, sync and share photos, videos and documents in one convenient place. This cloud-based app is free to download, and the first 5GB of storage is also free.
5.) Clean your screen: We take our cellphones with us everywhere — from the gym to the dinner table — and along with them any bacteria they may have picked up. Use a wrung-out disinfectant wipe or spray a paper towel with disinfectant to sanitize your smartphone.