Tech Talk: Protecting your Smartphone in...

Posted at 7:09 PM, Mar 04, 2016
When the temperatures dip to below zero, it can lead to big problems with your smartphone. The frigid weather can sometimes lead to permanent damage. 
Exposing your devices to extreme cold temperatures for extended periods of time may:
• Cause your battery to drain faster.
• With prolonged exposure, make the phone’s hardware more brittle leading to cracked screens.
• Cause condensation to form inside your screen if you turn it on while it is still cold.
• Increase potential for permanent damage if you leave your device in “sleep mode” for an extended period of time.
Here are some tips to protect your devices in extreme cold weather:
• The biggest and most obvious – don’t take your device out in extreme temperatures. When you’re outside in weather like this, keep it in your purse, bag or pocket. Keep it protected.
• Don’t leave it in your car or trunk for extended periods of time –definitely not overnight or if you’re out for a day of skiing or snowboarding, don’t leave it in your car all day.
• Don’t risk your phone getting wet by bringing it outside to shovel snow or sled with your kids
• If you know for some reason that you have to expose your device to the cold for an extended period of time, turn it off and don’t turn it back on until it has warmed up (this helps to keep condensation from forming.)
Devices you can buy to help weather the weather:
• Keep your phone or device in a protective case. We recommend something like a Lifeproof fre Case that protects from water, dirt, snow and drops. There are many colors available at
• Your phone probably isn’t going to stop ringing just because it’s cold out. If you expect to be out in the cold for a while you might want to invest in a Bluetooth device like the Plantronics M70 that allows you to control your phone with buttons on the headset so that you can leave the device in your pocket while talking.
• Finally, if you’re going to use your device outside in cold temps, get yourself a pair of touchscreen gloves that you can leave on while using it.