Medical Monday: What Every Guy Needs to Know...

Posted at 7:28 PM, Jun 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-06 20:28:06-04
Dr. William Witmer, Aurora BayCare joined us on Wisconsin Tonight to discuss hat every guy needs to know about staying heart healthy. Dr. Witmer is an interventional cardiologist with Aurora BayCare.
There are certainly aspects of our health that are currently out of our control such as our genes that may make us more prone to have heart disease and some inherited heart diseases but there are far more things in our life that are under our control that we can change to drastically reduce our risk of developing heart disease.
Men should establish a healthcare provider. See a healthcare provider for a physical and get screened and if necessary treated for high blood pressure high cholesterol and diabetes.
What can a man do today to reduce his risk of heart disease?
* Stop smoking
* Eat better
-Eat whole foods
-Eat less
-Eat more plants
*Exercise more
-Strength training
-Move (aerobic)
* Drink more water and less other stuff
* Reduce stress and improve mental health
-Get out in nature more often
-Establish and cultivate a tribe
-Develop a spiritual connection
-Maintain a positive attitude
Each effort at taking better care of ourselves as men is a step in the right direction. Quitting smoking, exercising more, eating healthy – these are all things that will lead us down a better path to health and wellness with almost an immediate effect. The key is to make these changes sooner than later.
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