Medical Monday: Share & Be Aware

GREEN BAY - Dr. Steven Schmidt is a plastic surgeon with BayCare Clinic. He’s also an avid cyclist. He joined us on Wisconsin Tonight talk about the new Share & Be Aware Green Bay program.

Share & Be Aware Green Bay, simply put, is a local campaign brought to you by BayCare Clinic Bikes, Live54218 and Wisconsin Bike Fed. It’s designed to make cycling safer in the Green Bay area. It’s an offshoot of the statewide Share & Be Aware safety campaign.

It will last 6 months, ending October 31.

It’s a community health initiative. Each partner brings with it an area of expertise that makes sense on a campaign such as this. In addition, each organization is passionate about safety, health and wellness in our region. It was a natural fit.

Additionally, it’s an opportunity to further lend strength to our BayCare Clinic Bikes initiative, where we advocate bike safety, particularly helmet use. We also encourage cycling as a fun, family-friendly activity that offers many health benefits. BayCare Clinic Bikes has given out about 4,000 free bike helmets since 2015. Share & Be Aware Green Bay is a perfect vehicle for us to encourage people to bike safety.

As a healthcare organization, we’re always seeking ways to help improve the health and wellness of the communities we serve. Share & Be Aware Green Bay helps us do that. The campaign urges drivers and cyclists to safely coexist on the road. Both have a right to the road and both must learn to do so safely, especially as cycling continues to surge statewide in popularity as a healthy, fun and family-friendly activity.

We hope this collaborative effort to educate the public about sharing the road will make a difference in our community. It’s another way to help improve the safety, health and wellness of the greater Green Bay area.

Riding a bicycle is incredibly safe. The crash rate has decreased steadily for the last 15 years or so. Follow the tips provided via the Share & Be Aware Green Bay campaign and obey the law, and you’ll likely join the more than 2.5 million people who enjoy safe bicycle rides in Wisconsin every year.

Many of us were taught when we were younger, but as time passes, some of the rules of the road may have been forgotten. Share & Be Aware Green Bay is a gentle reminder of the importance of sharing the road, remembering the laws that govern its use and the importance of keeping safety top of mind when driving or cycling along our area roads.

You can dramatically increase your safety on the road by:

* Making sure your bike is in good working order

* Observing traffic laws

* Being aware of road conditions

* Not weaving in and out of traffic

* Riding with traffic and riding as far to the right as is doable

Under Wisconsin law, bicycles are vehicles. That means that bicyclists on the road have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of motor vehicles. If you know the laws that apply to driving a car, you know the laws that apply to bicycling. By obeying traffic signs and signals, following all other rules of the road and bicycling in a predictable manner, you’ll find more courtesy and respect on the road.

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