Green Bay Couple Riding Tandem Bike to California

Posted at 7:21 PM, Jul 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-21 20:21:13-04
We Bike, Etc. leaders, Peter and Tracy Flucke made it to their end stop in Santa Monica, California as part of their 2,600 mile trip through historic Route 66. 
The pair set out on their tandem bike on June 3 from Green Bay. They stopped at iconic landmarks along the way. 
They say this was their most difficult trip because of heat, topography and head-winds. Many days, it was 110 degrees or warmer.
They even had to rent a U-HAUL" to get them across the desert because of lack of water, 55 miles between water stations.
“By the time we figured out how much water we could carry, how much we would use, and whether or not we had options should one of the water stops be closed, it was just wasn't worth the risk,” said Peter Flucke.
Tracy said the best part of the trip was stopping the New Mexico area. The people were also very friendly, and couldn’t believe the couple’s journey.
“People were very excited I think to see us, and the tandem always brings them in because it's unique and a lot of people have never seen a tandem as we got further west, and they said it's the coolest bike,” said Tracy.
They averaged 60 to 65 miles a day, which is about ten miles less than they typically do for cross-country trips.