Wisconsin district adds breaks amid university flu study

Wisconsin district adds breaks amid university flu study
Posted at 1:42 AM, Jun 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-25 02:42:21-04

OREGON, Wis. (AP) - A southern Wisconsin school district will have three longer weekend breaks next school year after a University of Wisconsin-Madison study showed time off curbs the spread of flu.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that the Oregon School District will have a four-day weekend in October, February and April.

Superintendent Brian Busler says teacher professional days were moved in order to make training more convenient and help reduce the spread of the flu.

The study started in 2015 found that student absences for illnesses usually come before an increase in clinic visits for the flu. Researchers say school sick days can serve as a warning before a pandemic or potentially deadly outbreak.

UW Health Dr. Jonathan Temte led the study. He says school breaks won't stop the flu, but could delay it.