Wisconsin dairy industry to take a hit because of tariffs

Posted: 11:07 PM, Jun 25, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-26 00:09:28-04

The Wisconsin dairy industry is starting to suffer after several countries imposed tariffs on American goods. This follows President Donald Trump ordering tariffs on steel and aluminum. 

At Smilaire Holsteins, cows need to be milked and hay needs to be bailed, but owner Scott Ditter doesn't mind. 

"It's kind of just an enjoyable job. For how many days a week you work, it has to be," said Ditter. 

Ditter also doesn't mind the tariffs which could cost his business money either. His dairy provides milk to make Sartori cheeses. In fact, he's supporting the president’s moves. 

"Whatever he says, he's going to do and besides that, that man ran a business. He wasn't a politician. He just straight up was a businessman and he's running this whole deal like a business," said Ditter. 

"We don't want any tariffs or any future trade deals to inhibit our ability to properly market our great ag products," said Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefish, (R) Wisconsin.

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefish says the state is reconvening a dairy task force to oversee ways to push the dairy industry through some possibly tough times ahead.

Despite reports saying Sartori officials may have to dump the milk the cows make right back into the fields they work in, Ditter says he's now worried, and it'll all work itself out.

"Tariff things are going to hurt everybody, that's the long and the short of it, but i think long-term...It'll resolve itself," said Ditter.  

Ditter says he'd like to see completely free trade, but, for now, he'll just keep working.