Wisconsin couple recalls Las Vegas shooting one year later

Posted: 5:24 PM, Oct 01, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-01 20:58:49-04

The Las Vegas mass shooting anniversary is a time of reflection for a Wisconsin couple who attended the Jason Aldean concert and survived the shooting.

The past year has been one of emotional healing for Eric Gottlieb and his wife, Danielle. They were in Las Vegas celebrating a friend's birthday last October when the shooting took place. They said they heard gunshots raining down on them. The Gottliebs ran for cover. While they escaped with only some scrapes and bruises, they did help two people who had been shot. 

The Gottliebs said, one year later, the horrific memories are still there, but they try to focus on moving forward.

“It's something that you think of almost every day,” said Danielle. “Just a song will come on the radio and it's a song that we heard there, and it'll trigger that memory, but you just try to think of the better things in life.”

"I think really, you just don't take anything for granted,” said Eric. “I think you value your friendships and your family more so than I did before.”

Eric said he's been to several sporting events and concerts since the shooting. While it's difficult, he's determined to keep powering through.

He also said it's therapeutic to talk with friends, family, and members of the Vegas shooting survivor Facebook pages he belongs to.

The Gottliebs said it doesn't bother them that the shooter's motive is still unknown. They said they're focusing on the future instead of living in the past.