Wisconsin Attracting Politcal Attention

Posted at 6:19 PM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-04 19:20:12-04
Wisconsin is on the map this election season.  We're getting a visit from Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders Wednesday at the Salvation Army Kroc Center.  The Clinton campaign is hoping to get the millennial vote.
"He had  a vision for America his vision is Hillary Clinton's vision and together they are telling us this is the time and opportunity to bring progressive change to Wisconsin and to the country," said Hillary Clinton supporter, Nancy Nusbaum.
Millennials make up one of the largest portions of this year's voters, even beating out the baby boomers according to political experts.
"When it's really close like that every single vote really does count," said St. Norbert College political science professor, Wendy Scattergood.
There's been nearly half a dozen visits from candidates here to northeast Wisconsin in the past few weeks and that number only expected to grow as the state will play a major role in this election.
Republican nominee Donald Trump is making another visit to the Badger State this weekend, hoping to sway voters in Wisconsin his direction.
"I think a candidate's appearance in an area is very important it  makes a statement him being here is going to bring out more votes," said Brown County Republican Chair, Marian Krumberger.
Political experts say each party has areas they need to focus on.
"For Hillary Clinton she really needs to mobilize the Latino vote," said Scattergood.
For Donald Trump, Scattergood says women and millennials are areas of need, as well as his own political party.
"He's got a lot of people in his own party including what we call the political elites or elected representatives who've said they may not vote for him," said Scattergood.
According to a new CNN/ORC poll, Clinton leads with 47 percent among likely voters, with Trump at 42 percent.