WIAA means big bucks for area businesses

Posted at 4:51 PM, Mar 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-13 17:52:33-04
The WIAA girl's basketball championships were underway this weekend, at the Resch Center. 
The competing teams are from out of town, which means big bucks for the local economy.
Much of Green Bay and Ashwaubenon was booked solid, this weekend. But as significant as the WIAA championships have been for the area's economy, businesses we spoke with say it's only part of the picture this weekend.
"It was insanity," describes D@ Sports Pub owner and GM Rob Soik, "[There were] A lot of people from the area, a lot of new people, a lot of teams that have never been to state before." 
Soik says the crowds came in waves all weekend.
"It definitely helps the business out," adds Soik.
Many within the crowds that came to see some basketball.
"It was so neat for a lot of the schools that are... from the Madison area... to get to come up here," says Jim Dietrich, with his wife, Pam, "otherwise, they probably would have never came up to Green Bay."
Others in the crowds were eager to experience the area's largest home and garden show next door to the Resch.
"We built a house 11 years ago," says Dietrich, "and now I'm looking to redo the front of our house... with landscaping."
But it's this weekend's sunny weather that Soik and others say helped them draw in hundreds of customers looking to make the most of their time outdoors.
"We were able to open up the garage doors, and have the patio open," says Soik, "and it was just a steady stream of people every day, all day."
Meanwhile, hotels we spoke with in the Stadium District say they had been fully booked well in advance of this weekend.