Volunteers Serve up Hot Meals at Smiles for Christmas Dinner

Posted at 6:54 PM, Dec 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-25 20:08:06-05
The NEW Community Shelter is expecting to feed 100 to 200 people this Christmas.
"This is kind of a tradition, it started I think four years ago and it just stuck I guess," explained Alicia Shea.
For many families Christmas is about the gifts, but for the Shea family it's about something else.
"This is what Christmas means.  It's a time to give, not just to receive gifts, our families are here with us, it gives us a chance to get together and have the children get that spirit," said Michael Shea.
Alicia Shea's grandpa has been serving the homeless for years and says he loves every minute of it.
"They don't understand that this is really gratifying for us also," explained Michael Shea.
About 20 volunteers at the shelter prepared the meals in a process that takes two hours to complete.
Despite the work that's needed to make this holiday meal possible, Alicia says it's all worth it.
"I can't do a lot of things because I'm not 18 yet.  I can't vote or anything like that .  This is how I impact my community personally instead of voting or anything like that," she explained.
The Christmas meal included ham, fruit salad, shepherd's pie, bread and a ton of desserts.