Volunteers preventing spread of invasive species in water

Posted: 11:37 PM, Jun 03, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-04 00:37:53-04

Volunteers across Northeast Wisconsin are attempting to slow down the spread of invasive species.

On Sunday, members of the Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance reminded boaters in Neenah what should be done every time they take their boat out of the water.

The reminder is to drain live wells, bait buckets and motors. Every time your boat is taken out of the lake it’s a small step for anglers to take to prevent the further spread of invasive species.

"They really care about these lakes they're using them at least once a week mostly so I think they really get the message if we want to try to protect our lakes not just Lake Winnebago but your favorite lake up north or where ever it is,” said Chris Acy.

Draining bait buckets and live wells is just part of preventing the spread of invasive species. Once summer picks up, weeds will return and these same volunteers will be reminding boaters to inspect their boats and trailers to make sure nobody is transporting plants to lakes.