Veterans take home service dogs to help with PTSD

WHITELAKE, Wisc. - The puppies from Karl Klimes are more than just pets for Brian Russow and Cliff Williams.

They'll be trained as service dogs to help both men with their PTSD.

Brian came back from Iraq in 2003 and says life hasn't been the same.

"When we'd go out to like the mall, or go to anywhere with big crowds, I have really bad panic and anxiety attacks, and I want to run," said Russow.

Cliff came back from Afghanistan in 2009.

"I'll go into stores, but I'm not a fun person. I go with my wife to mall, and it's like, let's hurry up, get this and get out," said Williams.

Karl Klimes runs Moo-Lan-Labe Home for Veterans and donates service dogs to veterans with PTSD. He's confident these puppies are who they need.

"It'll take the focus off of things that are going on around you such as big crowds and other things going on, and you're focus is on keeping your dogs safe," said Klimes.

After hearing about Klimes, the men are ready to embark on a new journey.

"I hope to see me being able to go out with my family or doing things my kids want to do or something my wife wants to do," said Russow.

"It'll help me feel more comfortable and relaxed, a better husband to wife and dad to my kids by going places more," said Williams.

Now they have another friend to lean on when they need them the most.


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