UWGB wins spot in NCAA tournament, fans go wild

Posted at 5:10 PM, Mar 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-08 23:29:09-05

GREEN BAY, WI -- Hundreds of Phoenix fans are going wild for their team, tonight.

Some fans have been waiting 20 years for this opportunity to clinch a spot in the NCAA tournament to come back.
The watch parties are winding down, but you can still feel the energy throughout the city at this hour.
Some fans admit they weren't expecting too much from the Phoenix this season, and right now, they're happy to eat their words.
Throughout Green Bay, at viewing parties, like tonight's massive event at The Bar on Holmgren Way, fans are still in shock.
"Unbelievable," exclaims Phoenix fan Paul Weiss. "We never thought that... we'd be here!"
"I'm feeling amazing! My favorite team just won," says former UW GB student Nick Enk, "I used to go to that school, it's a great school."
Fans, like Weiss, have been hoping for this chance since 1996.
"[I'm on] top of the world," exclaims Weiss, "20 years!"
It seems all fans are singing the praises of a team that they say has worked hard for their slot in the Big Dance.
"Fouse is fantastic, MVP," says Weiss, "and now, everybody knows who Linc Darner is."
"He's a great coach, and you can just see what he's done with his team," adds fan Patrick Boomer, regarding Darner, "you can just see the team getting better during the year, and I think they might actually win a tournament game."
"We all have opportunities, and these guys... got theirs," adds Enk.
And while competition will be fierce in the coming days, Phoenix fans are ready to keep tonight's energy going strong.
"Yeah, I think that confidence is extremely high right now," says Boomer.
Depending on Sunday's results, the Phoenix could be heading anywhere from Iowa, to Anaheim.